Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tell me what it look like

Far be it from Cap'n Guthrie to not follow some sort of crowd. I mean, if theres a crowd one would naturally saunter along the edge, hopping your eyes above heads and ducking between knees to view the spectacle. Right? Unless its a crowd of angry Spandau Ballet fans. In that case, walk the other way: a fupa-clad crowd of Midwestern Mannheim Steamroller fans are probably right around the corner. Ever seen a tai chi battle comprised entirely of moms? Problematic.

No, the crowd I speak of is that intrepid group of reporters, the bloggers. They are crowded around a little song: little club track called Lindsay Lohan's Revenge by Pase Rock. Funny, because they're crowded more around Spank Rock; merely a guest on this song.

The song is...hilarious? I can't tell. Its unfortunate that Lohan decided to show her hoo-hoo in public: yes, put cha panties on. and yes, I agree that she should be a little more careful with her lack of underpants when she's a superstar but then waaaaait a minute. In the middle of the song Spank and Pase begin to tell her to take them panties ... off? even more than that: her hoo-hoo looks like a "baby rat"? Furthermore, Spank starts to say he'd "nibble that cheese?"

Santogold then comes in with his verse and you realize that this song has gone from being a cute little dance floor commentary on celebritism to being an all out Farrelly Brothers poo-poo fest. I can imagine the guys all sitting in adjacent bathroom stalls, note pads betwixt their knees, fingers mounted upon pens; giggling; shouting to each other; words like "fart" and "doody" being flung about like baboon's poo at crowds of midwestern tourists.

Lindsay Lohan's Revenge

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