Monday, December 04, 2006

Colbert Vs. The Decemberists

So perhaps you've all heard about the old timey feud between that champion of Brechtian TV news-anchorage Stephen Colbert and those sepiatoned singers The Decemberists. Right? Have you?

Lets take a few steps back to here:

Colbert, being the genius that he is, did his green screen challenge back in whenever the fuck (I dont feel like looking it up). There were some pretty awesome entries (I never saw the one that won, if someone wants to direct me to a link please do it) and there was much enjoyment and laughter.

The Decemberists, part-time lion tamers and taunters of media moguls, requested a suspiciously similar green screen challenge for their "O Valencia!" video. Colbert, claiming some sort of authentic control over this idea (God, I love that man and his floppy ear) would not have it and released a rebuttal: Colbert's Second Green Ccreen Challenge!

Aside from "Mulch!" being the most brilliant and hilarious thing I have ever heard this feud is maybe the best thing that has ever happened to the world and further proves that is one of the most important inventions within the last year. How many of us would have known about Michael Richard's racist exposion without that beautiful sideways iscoseles staring us in the face?

Anyway, The Decemberistshave now re-rebutted Colbert's challenge on by challenging Mr. Colbert to an axe duel.

and finally a poor example of a contestant but a contestant nonetheless has emerged:

This is art at its finest folks. This entire thing is entangled in so many contrivances and acting styles and public garbage bins that there has to be some sort of Art buried in there somewhere, right? but I'm not going to be the one to pick those seeds out of that cottony substance, the internet.


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Alex said...

The winner of the green screen challenge is along the sidebar after the jump from yr own link, "Colbert's Second Green Screen Challenge."