Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cap'n Guthrie, back and refreshed

Okay. So I ran away from home, red and white checkered bindle, a heavy thirst for alcohol, a pocket full of cigarettes, and an unhealthy smattering of cares ground down into dust to be scattered in the wind (only to subsequently blow back into my eyes and infect them worse than rubbing my face all over a McDonalds ballpit)

Several college buddies visited over the weekend and quickly fled the BKNYC. I, bad judgement me, turned my hands into giant hooks like T-1000 and latched them onto the back of the car. They tried their best to swerve and shake me off but I soon sat in the back of a Yaris passing EZly down the interstate.

I ended up in Fredericksburg and eventually hopped a bus to Charlottesville where I saw Dave Matthews slink into a coffee shop where I was reading Faulkner and charging my phone, swipe his eyes along the myriad UVA females in the room, and return to his two toe-headed little girls and feed them, what, coffee? I dont know. I needed a smoke break and a record or two to clean my pallate of bad coffee, Birkenstocks (as ubiquitous as white guy dreadlocks in Charlottesville), and lead singers whose Birkenstock, bad coffee drinking, UVA going fans inexplicably know on a first name basis.

The used bin held several good finds: Pavement's Brighten The Corners (why is everyone used-binning all over Pavement these days?), the Re-issue of A Charlie Brown Christmas (which is actually a lot sexier than you remember. Is that weird?), Spiritualized's Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, and a rare(???) Live LP by John Cage/David Tudor called Variations IV.

As you may know, the music news is in short supply to those, like me, who have been astride the beautiful blue skies and poor transportation in the Sort-Of-South VA. I've taken my jacket off several days in a row now; Am I a true New-Englander now? or have we humans simply turned the atmosphere into the baby-fingerprint-smeared windows of a hot car in a Wal-Mart Parking lot?

I'll never know, but I will get back to you on this John Cage LP once I get a proper listen on my Beogram (initial reaction: sounds like it may hurt my face) . Thanks for being patient, I hope I didnt lose any of you, considering your attention spans are as thin as pages in the compact OED, assholes.


OkraMary said...

Who drives a Yaris?

Also, why do people say "myriad of.."? Even Oprah does it!

Alex said...

That Cage LP is going for about $40 on eBay right now, so you got a good deal (assuming you didn't pay anything close to that of course).

Cap'n Guthrie said...

Oprah writes myriad things? Jackie Mancini drives a Yaris, so does Sarah but Jackie copied Sarah.

pretty good about that LP. The only other rare LP I have is that "Forever Changes" by Love LP and thats kind of effed up, I mean physically, not effed up in a "man that band Love? dude. they are effed up."