Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lets celebrate post #51 and try to get that damn Junior Boys video off the page!

Well, lets not waste our breathing on Stylus' top 100 because its just weird . They put Lets Get out of this Country above The Life Pursuit? They put Annuals above both of those? weird dudes, weird. I can't wait to see their zany list for the top ten.

So I've heard a bit about this silly Tune Glue thing. I mean, its a marketing tool for Capitol Records, sure, but does it work? Did Capitol Records do their research? Well when I typed in little known bands like Bob Dylan and, perhaps you've heard of him, Meat Loaf, well everything came up roses, and I don't mean Ethel Merman.

But seriously it had everything from The Silver Apples, to Ethel Merman, to Apocalyptica, to the slavic band Eva Braun (not to mention connected with several other slavic bands).

Its a pretty awesome little tool, but not always accurate. I put in Animal Collective and it linked me to The Books and Broken Social Scene. I'm not sure how those bands match up... maybe because Animal Collective uses computers and...guitaaaarrrs?? Thats like saying Public Enemy sounds like Wu-Tang Clan because they're hip-hop in the same era...which tune glue,um, does say. And I'm sure they kind of stretch the rules when it comes to pitching their own bands which light up with annoying house-down-the-block christmas colors.

So its not altogether the most accurate thing on the web, but hey, isn't the beauty of the internet that anyone can claim anything and be 50% accurate? Its not? well what the fuck am I writing a blog for?

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