Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cap'n Guthrie Backpedals #2

Well, well, well, so you've decided to read me again have you? I appreciate it and, perhaps, so will you when you realized that I'm going to renege my opinion about a band comprised entirely of horses.

SOOOOOO...when I first heard band of horses I was all like "whatever dude, this sounds like My Morning Jacket" and then I said "My Morning Jacket sounds like cats on a scratching post made out of chalkboard." I've learned, since then, that both of those statements are only partially true. The former statement? well I'll get to that. The latter statement? Most of their songs are too boring to sound like a cat scratching a chalkboard.

So, what is this post for? Will I continue to toss out polarizing particles and then refuse to back them up? A negative magnet speaking about negative magnets, as it were? (If you don't like it then you'd do better to not click any of those links on the right hand side of this very page).

Who gives a shit about all these hyporhetoricals, all I know is that this band of horses album is great with its powerful twisty wind chime melodies, Built To Spilly shimmers, the best parts of My Morning Jacket (re: the singing, mahgeeta). I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for soaring, echoing vocals; my sweet-tooth falling frequently upon bands like Keane or The Appleseed Cast. Here, in the lush green world of sunbeams through treebranches that Band of Horses makes, I feel like I should go outside with sword and shield and save a damsel in distress and then immediately after that feel like I should probably take a nap.

They sometimes have the penchant for sounding like a country version of Bloc Party (Wicked Gil) but, hey, thats not all that bad right?

too bad the music video for one of the best songs sucks. Check it anyway tho:


Alex said...

Merzbow rules my face off. The first time I heard him I shit my lunch. And I just ate.

Okra Mary said...

Comparing them to a country version of Bloc Party is strange but sort of fitting.

I too am a sucker for the nostalgia-inducing soaring vocals and great build ups. I work out to this album alot when I'm pumping serious iron in the gym.