Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanking for the Giving

Well, fine readers, here I am in the old VA cause thats how I do. I suppose I don't have much to say because I sit, now, at my friend Sarah's computer enjoying these days of homeslice fun.

I just wanted to let all (two) of you know that I have succesfully jumped from the world of corporate into the world of not job, aka permanent blogdom aka eating nothing but grilled cheeses aka near constant, self-loathing induced, tearful, spectacular craigslist browsing. I will lay prostrate before my shrine I intend to build around this website consisting of mostly tattered remnants of my self-esteem and poorly conceived trinkets cut from tin cans and shards of bazooka joe comics.

In other words I've gone freelance. freelance! never a finer word was sweet-nothinged into my ear by T-Ball of Parcell Press and never a finer word was created to rob me of any sort of ties to down-to-earthedness, reality that is.

Nevertheless, I supplicate myself before the God of the List of Craig and you, avid readers, to GET ME A FUCKING DOLLAR, or two. Actually, its not so bad, my job that I quit has offered me freelance work with their marketing department, so don't worry too hard I'll be able to afford rent and a beer or two (or three [or four]) .

I'll try and keep up w/ the music over the next few days but computers and internets are in short supply when I travel so... hopefully I'll get to it in Richmond, VA.

By the way, if you were wondering, The Letting Go by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy is probably the best thing to listen to when you're driving from DC to Fredericksburg with one of your best friends.

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ryan said...

freelancing, eh? will you be in dc sunday night? call me if so.