Tuesday, November 28, 2006

But is it music pt. 2 (and a little of montreal)

So On my trip to Richmond I was awarded with a little gem of a musical game. My dear friend Jackie found this amazing game called "Ball Droppings" which sounds distantly sexual but I assure is only sexual in the soothing, post-coital haze you will encounter while playing it. and god knows you all need some post-coitus going on, you ugly fucks.

The idea is this: a ball drops, you draw a line as in windows paint lines, with the clicking and the dragging and such. The ball will hit the line (unless you're a moron and just want to draw lines where the ball doesn't hit) and play a tone. The tone's pitch depends upon how fast the ball is falling.

For example: the ball is falling like a shot-put on an idiot and you draw a line far below in its path. The ball is falling fast at the bottom where you drew the line so, when it hits, it plays a high pitch. visa versa too. You got slow balls? its got low notes. draw as many lines as you'd like, too, they're free!

My ultimate brass ring is to get so good at this game that I can create a series of lines that will play "Blister in the Sun." but, thats a bit lofty I think. Regardless, its hours of fun at work where I don't care anymore.

Additionally: the new Of Montreal album "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" is being streamed by their label polyvinyl here.

It sounds like the lush, dark, orchestral arrangements of the second half of The Sunlandic Twins, except a bit more attractive in the face. In other words, you don't feel like you're trapped in a synth organ pipe in a Norwegian cathedral. In more other words, its much more likeable. Its pretty raw lyrically too, more so than usual. Don't expect the perfection of Lysergic Bliss, though, nothing comes near that on this album.


Anonymous said...

I could really use another satanic panic in the attic, really I could. Also - I Am Not An Ugly Fuck.

Alex said...

One: I heard you blogging this because I am sitting in the living room trying to write a dissertation proposal. I have had one quarter of a bottle of wine and a beer, which makes me a little drunk but still coherent. (I think I need alcohol to fall asleep these days.)(High stress.)
Two: "You got slow balls?" is maybe my new favorite phrase ever, if only cos I picture it at the beginning of a Chevy ad.
Three: I like the idea of being stuck in a synth organ pipe; sounds like a Johann Johannson album.

Alex said...

Also, why did all of the blogs you added as links (or at least The Music Slut, Web Vomit, and some other, maybe I Guess I'm Floating) decide to talk about that really old Pitchfork review of Cold War Kids? And why, oh why, and how did that ridiculous Slate article get published about the great Pitchfork agenda to control the indie hivemind? Like for fucking seriously. Has the world sunk so low that two-bit mp3 bloggers cook up conspiracy theories for the benefit of their sad taste? Makes me want to have a Marxian Ouija board, so I can summon up some shit about false consciousness, or something, for no other reason to piss off some zitty 28 year old living in his parent's basement.

Drunk, remember?

Cap'n Guthrie said...

no sean, you're pretty handsome.

Alex the hivemind crap is all true, I just linked to those blogs cause I was at work and couldn't bookmark them if I wanted to look at them at home.