Sunday, November 12, 2006

drunk tank and winger

This Post on ilm got me to thinkin'. What songs do I like to listen to when I'm drunk? I mean, when I've knocked back like seven things and am drinking more things what do I usually put on?

I'd say something like The Avalanches but that usually occurs at the beginning of the night rather than the end. Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska is a good album to make out to, so I guess I've put that on during several of my attempts at removing shirt and brazierre. attempts. Nothing like the boss to make you feel even more drunk than you should be, or to make your fingers have the nimbleness of toes.

Also this: Winger Good job God, you really knew what you were doing on this one.

Apparently the cover is one of our young men over in Iraq surrounded by tiny Carrie Bradshaw's whispering things like "I turned down a road and suddenly found myself in a part of Fallujah I'd never seen before!" (big up yo'self, Emily).

Bless Kip's heart, he really wants a come-back so he is supplicating himself before the wallets of middle America and blonde dudes at bars who talk about their tanning salon.

Still working on those albums, will report back, but so far not a dud.

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Alex said...

I like how you cite Nebraska like EVERYTIME you drink, you bring a girl back to yr closet - I mean, room. Should read: "I fucked my hand and it was as boring and depressing as Nebraska." Psst, Born to Run and Asbury Park, NJ >>>>>>>> the central US.