Sunday, November 26, 2006

sounds like Necronomicon

I'm not a big black metal guy but I had heard about this Agalloch band and decided to check them out. So far I'm digging the axes, but black metal vocals have always sounded like ... one of those highschool kids who thinks that drinking stuff out of novelty Halloween skull mugs is always fucking awesome. I can't really take it seriously all the time. We'll see. I'll take my patience out of its holster, use it like a shotgun on this album.

I picked it up at Plan-9 down here in Richmond, a pantry of delicious music. My friend Jackie got the new Christmasjan Stevens box set. I listened to it for a hot minute. actually a cold minute of annoyance. If I wanted to hear Sufjan jam out Christmas songs with his buddies... I wouldn't. Mitch Miller is the only bad sweatered christmas caroler I'll have in my life, and don't you forget it Mr. Stevens. and trying to cram your extra songs into the christmas canon is like plugging your christmas tree into too many outlets. Stick to the damn states man!

I also managed to pick up a (fucking) edited version of Enter the 36 Chambers because I felt bad about only owning a burned copy of such an incredible album. I will never do that shit again. Seriously "Shame on a Nuh" ? "Wu Tang Clan Aint"? What the fuck? Its like listening to Wu Tang play Taboo, except the buzzer sound is in my brains.

On the upside I got Fear of a Black Planet and a copy of Animal Collective's "People EP" as I've dubbed it (I think its actually called Tour EP) I'll come back with some more in depth sounds for you to read, my friend. All I know now is that Public Enemy makes me feel unconstitutionally white and Animal Collective makes me feel swelteringly punchy.

Here I come on the 1 AM chinatown careening back to E Broadway in the NYC. Yikes.

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