Saturday, November 11, 2006


I bought six (dammit) CD's today:

Freckle Wars by Ecstatic Sunshine (I've listened a glance and they sounds like The Oxes of folk, not too shabby)

Body Riddle by Clark - glitchy electro pop, I think? haven't had a chance to yet, although Herr Bar on their myspace page is a great song. What is he playing, coke bottle marimbas? sounds like it might be a headphones album, (unlike this awful subdued indie-folk song by a band also named Clark: headphone day. Stop saying headphone day like you're trying to prove that you're happy dammit!!!!)

Hollinndagain by Animal Collective - formerly rare live LP by Animal Collective released to no doubt subdue the whining of fans clamboring for more of Panda Bear's loopy vocals on his next solo release. Hell, I bought it. I actually heard "Pride and Fight" on of all places. A zany squiggle of yelping and a hefty dose of extatic stupidity. Love it.

Ambient 4/ on land - Brian Eno - too good to pass up in the used section.

Steady diet of nothing by Fugazi - Maybe my favorite.

The Letting Go by Bonnie 'prince' Billy - whose voice, to me, sounds like a damnable old crazy man who mumbles to himself as he stokes a fire in a log cabin. I'll see if this one changes my mind, from what I've heard, it will.

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