Monday, November 27, 2006

Just to further prove that I am not even in the Solar System when it comes to Hip-Hop news. Clipse has dropped an album that has apparently been in the waits for two years now. From the three tracks I've heard I'm sold like a baby on Ebay, which is very sold.

The production, done by Pharrell, is brilliant. All box-cutter-in-the-dark-alley like. Pharrell has always had it, we all knew that, but he never really flashed it too hard, dropping something smart from time to time but ending up sounding like the straight A student who dumbed himself down to hang out with the cool kids. The drumbeats are skipping and flighty but still manage to keep their clubability, and if not clubability then window blasting it with it's thick thumps down below.

Check out the single Mr. Me too ft. Pharrell, allegedly about Lil' Wayne, it's digeridoo synth far in the distance orbiting marimba synths bouncing back and lackadaisically forth. Simple. Clean. Distant. like Pusha T and Malice's rhymes.


We cloud hoppers, tailor suits like we mobsters/ Break down keys into dimes and sell 'em like Gobstoppers/Who gon' stop us, not a goddamn one of ya

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