Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chris Ott, a much hated jerk, uses his Village Voiceiness to be a prick and turn The Decemberists into a helipad for all kinds of self-loathing and actually pretty funny zingers.

I'd pay more attention to this if I thought anyone cared besides Colin Meloy's girlfriend(!) who tries to break Ott like a bundle of spaghetti and get's annoyed when she realizes he's been boiled before by people with much more resonance than her.

check it:

Dear Chris,

Why is this review so spiteful and weirdly personal? You're lucky nobody wants to write a piece about you and the inferiority complex/unrequited romantic obsessions/high school ass-kickings/unrealized dreams that undoubtedly led you, presumably a music fan, to make a career writing bitterly hateful music reviews. I'm sure every other time you write one, the girlfriend of a band member sends a disgusted letter to your editor. Hopefully this letter will be the one that finally makes you realize you suck.

Carson Ellis, Colin Meloy's girlfriend

But you can't hate her for trying can you?

I want to know how Colin Meloy got to read the article before Ott published it. Did he send it to the publicists?

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Alex said...

I like the part where Ott plays dumb (or just coward) in response to Meloy's girlfriend by more or less saying, "Aw, can't you take a joke!" when he spent a considerable portion of his word-count going after big topics like class, race, and history. I don't care enough about the Decemberists to defend them, but Ott's brand of journalism is hopelessly disingenuous, not to mention intellectually bankrupt. I wish he'd read one book about any of the shit he wants to call his subjects (who are really only objects for his sad ego) on.