Thursday, November 30, 2006


Ever wonder what would happen if Television and The Strokes had sex and a baby? Neither did I until I heard this band, and then I didnt really have to wonder anymore. I suppose what I'm saying, then, is that I never wondered at all.

Here. There. Neither of those.

Born Ruffians have a kind of raw popness that Arctic Monkeys have, except with a little more brains and a little more red maple leaf. These guys spin the galloping one-chord-for-ten-bars style into a spirograph of sped up and slowed down beats and maybe a little in between. And it helps that they have a fucking sense of humor about their music or else they'd just end up sounding like Aneuretical: all that talent. all that emo. all that squandered.

"Piecing It Together" is a transitory feller, a lil shapeshifter of a pop song. It starts out with a dancy pop chord over and overing until they get bored of yelping and funk into slick little pinky finger chords, then a tiny sounding little breakdown, and back together with a nice poppy ribbon.

I'm interested to see what these gentlemen are doing in the future, . They could lose it or they could create a clever little pop album. I'm not expecting it to be brilliant, but I'd have a nice little glint in my eyes if these boys produced something that was. Warp has picked them up, which is kinda weird, right?


natalie said...

i really hope you're going to this:

it sounds rad.

Cap'n Guthrie said...

holy fucking shit I am now!

natalie said...

i expect a summary of events. living vicariously through you YES!

OkraMary said...

The Strokes is the bastard child of Television.