Sunday, November 26, 2006

no, just negative

If ever there were a band to herald the dying whimpers of Rockism it would be Alient Ant Farm. And instead of quietly whispering it into the ears of their loved ones, or perhaps even silently ticking away about it on their livejournal, they decided to further prove that anyone who still believes that guitar > sequencer, drums > laptop, singing > rhyming, rock > not rock, is still a fifteen year old and/or says N00b a lot and/or adds the suffix -zorz to the end of everything to make it that much more hurtful.

The video below is Alien Ant Farm playing atop a building outside of the BET awards. I think Alien Ant Farm shouts for themselves when they drivel some sort of drivel about people playing instruments and then promptly begin to not play theirs very well.

Truth is I'm sick of this garbage. It's really just ignorant and not that racist until they put it into a racial setting like say...ah... the BLACK FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS. There is another video of them at a Justin Timberlake concert and a Gay Rights parade, but nothing really hits as hard as seeing a whole red carpet of people confronted with the proposition that their music that they have slaved over is inferior to Alien Ant Farm, that bastion of musical innovention.



sarah said...


i didn't realize that alien ant farm was relevant any more. shows what i know. turns out they're out there winning fans harder than ever. the nerve of local authorities for for shutting them down. no matter what, looks like they've got a friend for life in nelly. lolz.

Taylor said...

man i really feel like that's something negative... but sorta positive too. god, i don't know what's going on these days.