Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Not So Brief Hiatus

Alright don't be jerks now. I'm sorry. bloggy and I just had to be apart for a little while. I'll take you to a baseball game and buy you a hot dog to prove that I still love you.

anyhoo: I saw Animal Collective (just to prove how much I love them I come out of hibernation because of them) last Friday at the South Street seaport where the whole set was gorgeous and wonderful yada yada yada. Then they played this incredibly blissed out gem that even got the tiny little baby hipsters all around me moving their hips a little more than the alloted one inch diameter that separates disinterest from actual bona-fide dancing.

I have found, however, that this song will not be on Strawberry Jam and was apparently written several weeks before the show!!! DAMN DAMN YOU FATES!!! also apparently everyone on youtube is a dummy because no one got the whole song. It sounds like it was penned by Panda Bear on account of the harmonies and melody is so fucking strong but I could be wrong about that. let us piece it together, together, like a family again.

as soon as Avey Tare stops screaming and the samba egg starts coming in get ready to click the next one. They're not quite perfect but you'll get the idea of how it felt to be in the audience for this song.

aaaaaaand click!


fans are dubbing this song You Got The Will To Joy which doesn't make any damn sense, but hell if I care what Panda and Avey are saying. they're not really that kind of band now are they? I'd call it Bliss Conniption. or maybe Grandeurysm. oh god. and thats the ball game.


Sean said...

I totally way son my way to see animal collective on the 30th and then I couldn't get off work the next day so I had to move out of my apartment that day - it blew. Also since when does blogger do spell check on my retarded ass? Can I turn it off and live obliviously to my inability to spell again?

Cap'n Guthrie said...

its not blogger its firefox 2.0

Joseph Coscarelli said...

Hey Andrew,
We met at Megan's show. I was checking out your podcast and ended up here so I linked your blog on mine. Deli writers of the world unite and take over.

Rodrigo said...
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