Monday, June 11, 2007

Around and Around Again

Welcome to Simian Mobile Disco's world. An amalgam of Scottish countryside, Iraq and the set of ROOTS. Apparently everyone in this world is a pedophile, even the thirteen year olds. Seriously: if you can't grow a mustache then just don't. However! if you look like you should have a wispy pencil thin mustache comprised entirely of your big brother's pube shavings (like everyone in this video) then rock that shit dawg. Its one or the other. And also, SMD, don't make everyone look so depressed! The only person having a good time in this video is that sixteen year old in the track suit spitting down his slutty older sister's throat.
(To quote a line from El Topo: "we are deformed because of the many years of incest")

Yes Yes! This song, I Believe, has the best hook I've heard in the synth-heavy euro-trash disco scene since Da Funk. Its got the kind of beat that is made for guys who pretend to ironically dance like they're constantly in STOMP! and wear trashcan lids on their feet except thats just a cover up because they're just bad-dancing white-ass dumps. ALSO! it is prime for the awkward How-low-can-you-go?! crab walk grind that some dudes still think is cool outside of eighth grade dances and bar mitzvah's. Those aside, this song is prime for the I'll-take-you-home-tonight deal sealing make out sesh on the dance floor. I'm down with that.

Simian Mobile Disco is comprised of James Ford, the producer for the latest Arctic Monkey's album and The Klaxons, and Jas Shaw who, um, is in Simian Mobile Disco. This is from their new album Attack Decay Sustain Release due out June 18 which, by the by, is being streamed on the SMD website.

anyhoo: the first single from the album is a song called 'It's The Beat' featuring Ninja from The Go! Team who consistently tells the listener that the beat is the part of the song that one must vigorously shake one's body to. R2D2, fresh from being repeatedly beaten onstage and recorded for Excepter's live streaming project, generously provides his hip-hop stylings as the hook to most of the song.

oh, Pitchfork beat me to the punch? fancy that.

BONUS: listen to the excepter streams at the same time as SMD's album stream on their website if you want to add a little Tapatio to your euro-techno. It works surprisingly well, kinda like apples and cigarettes.

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