Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Myspace Shuffle vol. !!

HYPO is Anthony Keyeux from Paris. He runs with the O.Lamm kids (who you should check out as well). I seriously can't find much about HYPO, mostly because I can't read Fraaansh. but check out HYPO's split album with Emmanuelle de Héricourt (another one of them Frenchies) called The Correct Use of Pets. The two collaborated on a majority of the music including my favorite track on the album:

Naughty Place begins with an electronic war beat; some real jock-strap thunder that actually didn't catch my attention at first. but then HYPO introduces the hook, which is so simple and so obvious and so damn near perfect that I have absolutely no idea why I haven't heard anything like it before.

The song is an engine in cold weather. constantly starting and stopping. but you keep turning the key. because each time you start it up again you hear a new rattle or a new bassline. It starts and stops and starts and stops. and finally the M83 vocals and synth intervals kick in and you've got the wheels turning. Unfortunately, it only moves a few verses and then burns up. You've gotta get out and push it started again.

HYPO - Naughty Place

On the same record EDH has a metallurgic song that starts as a harsh solid clang and eventually melts into a resonating tuba-blast driven pot of molten T-1000.

EDH - Lament

Here is the video for Naughty Place that is good in concept but doesn't really work with the movement of the song.

HYPO's moospace.
EDH's moospace.
buy the record

me on the internet? no way!!
also six degrees #13 (14) is going up soon if you'd like to hear my voice


Alex said...

um, is the NFT article only as long as that convo-blurb you wrote? cos the icon-link labeled "read the article" spits out a pdf of some dude's article about pub crawling in DC.

so all i can say for now is that there really should be a moratorium put on that tragic neologism, "interweb." did you make up the title or did they give it to you?

Cap'n Guthrie said...

hmmm, I guess they haven't put it up yet? the last one was the pub crawl thing. I didn't make up the title, they put it on there.