Monday, June 25, 2007

good old panda bear

Panda Bear - A Musician and A Filmmaker

My saliva glands run overactive when I hear about something Noah Panda Lennox Bear has done in the past. I met one of his ex-girlfriends once (so she claimed) and I was immediately in awe of this beauty that could climb such a tower and topple such a mind. (Harpy's clawing at her back, tearing flesh from bone. Raw fingers gripping the shallow rock inlets searching for the next rough pull towards the top.)

perhaps I give Panda Lennox too much credit.

Digging through my computer files yesterday I came across an overlooked cache of music that confounded and enticed me, making my saliva glands, once again, work overtime so that I was a drooling, foaming fool. Buried betwixt the fatigue-green files on the insides of my Mac were countless musics that I had overlooked or tried to delete at one time or another: 'twas like finding a Jackson ($20) in the pocket of jeans I hadn't worn for three years.

It was also like finding three year old blue cheese salad dressing nestled squishily in the other pocket. why i would have put blue cheese dressing in there in the first place is beyond me, it may have been a fad at the time. Regardless!! I found some old old old old Panda Bear from Panda Noah Lennox Bear's first self titled album on Deakin's (of AC) Soccer Stars label that has since become Paw Tracks.

Some of it sucks! Some of it makes Noah Bear seem like a normal dude with a keyboard and a guitar who is just starting to write songs. It's also easy to hear some of his genius that would later firework from his mouth and fingers and rain down upon the hungering crowd like manna.

Panda Bear - We Built A Robot

Particularly the eleventh track "We Built A Robot" a synthy, bass pumpy, chiming song that is a very very distant cousin to Hot Chip's earlier work. Panda Noah sounds as though he built a robot out of Erector Sets with the kid from next door and when they turned it on it crashed through the front door and blinked in and out of vision beneath the lamppost lit streets as it fled off to god knows where.

Maybe I shouldn't post this. Don't worry Lennox Bear, if you want I can post some of my highschool poetry.

eeeughh, maybe not.

I don't even know if you can buy this anymore but I'm sure if you bought one of his other albums he'd appreciate it.

and now for something completely different:

Thanks to Joe's Pub ROFL and John Tofu Seroff Hut for a good time last friday. (thats where I saw this amazing video)

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