Tuesday, June 26, 2007

oh yeah. oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.

Ahh the internet. Its good for a few things, you know. have you been on it? I like to googles. and I like to use emails. I just heard about this thing called intent messenger: its like emails except faster!

Its gonna be the next big thing I bet. If you ever surf well you're gonna love surfing on the internet because its like riding waves that are made out of computers. and if you like surfing on the internet you should watch this video by this band Figurines because this is what it looks like when you're surfing the internet: Way fast! and catchy! and nothing makes sense!

This is from their album from 2006 called skeleton, a handsome likkle album of music.

Also this: Have you ever stood on the beach doing that heiroglyphics dance? Legs akimbo, arms in front and back shaped like a "Z" and you shoot those hands back and forth across your body, you shoot em back and forth across your body, and you're watching them big blue waves crashing and crashing and you just keep going even though you know everyones watching you and probably thinks you're a dork. but you don't care because you've got Hey Girl by the Figurines playing in your head.

Figurines - Hey Girl

and then the song cracks open at the end and you just start kicking sand around and jumping up and down yelling Come on Come on come on come on come on Come on Come on come on come on come on Come on Come on come on come on come on Come on Come on come on come on come on Come on Come on come on come on come on.

thats what surfing the internet is like.

you should buy their album maybe.

or maybe get ready to buy their new album which is coming out in the U.S. on September, eleventh (maybe its a topical album?).



Ryan said...

enough with the tag team promos fool

Cap'n Guthrie said...

you're an idiot

Ryan said...