Friday, June 22, 2007

my, my, my, meg baird

Sometimes, I realize, I come across albums that both myself and my mother would listen to if we had found the same thing independently. It hurts to admit that, but sometimes things are so transcendently beautiful that it clearly works under any circumstances for anyone.

Meg Baird - Waltz of the Tennis Players

I save the best for last. Meg Baird is a member of the folky freaky band "espers" and recently (may 22) dropped her solo album called "Dear Companion."

Did I say dropped? Thats wrong because this album floats back and forth like a feather in a light breeze or falling leaves in warm rain or Joni Mitchell from an open white curtained window overhead or Nick Drake from a crackly record on a porch or someone humming a Dolly Parton tune in an empty subway station. If those sound like things you're interested in I'd pretty much say go ahead and buy the album from Drag City.

Meg Baird - Maiden in the Moor Lay

This one runs its fingers through overgrown yellow mustard plants exploding across an open field. Shadows of clouds drift somnambulant; dark islands amidst the sunlight.

I can't recommend it enough.

go to her myspace page to hear moar.

buy it from her label: drag city.

don't look for her on youtube, you get only one terrifying result.

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