Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sad pretty music

Hula - As For Hell

I have no idea why these guys aren't getting any press at all. It just goes to show that there is an important factor to getting your band noticed and its this: Marketing. MARKETING! When I think marketing I think of guys named Zack with bleach blonde gel-spiked hair who just want to "shoot the shit" with you in their office. Don't worry Hula! This tiny corner of the Blogosphere is here to help.

Hula just recently emerged with a new album for 2007 called The Cloud That Eats Hands and it is a gorgeous gorgeous album. Hula sounds like finally throwing out the coffee grounds from the coffee the two of you made the day before you broke up: Bittersweet. It's so easy to get bogged down by the "emo" or worse "boring" moniker when you make sad, pretty music and only a few other artists like Elliot Smith and Low capture this sound as crystal clear as Hula can.

The whole album shimmers with deep deep space, guitars that waltz in and out of each other's steps, gorgeous melodies and lyrics, and then of course the pastoral steel guitar that fastens all of the pieces together like glitter sprinkled over glue. The surprising thing is, every song is painted with the same palate and yet I never tire of the songs.

Hula - Helena

Helena is the first song on the album. Like a roller coaster chain it pulls you up to the top over and over and then breaks the tension not with a steep descent but with an unexpected slow motion plummet into a pool of water. Its a gorgeous windswept, mountainous song about "solar powered washing machines" and running away to live in a friend's cabin.

check out their website for more Mp3s and some music videos. Check out their live performance of Fallout, a drony dark monster lumbering through the forest. and buy their album so that they start marketing this shit more, more people need to hear from them!

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