Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dan Deacon

Browsing Brooklyn Vegan yesterday led me to a young chap by the name of Dan Deacon, as you can see from the video above he's out of his fucking mind and writes music that is the soundtrack to tea parties on the ceiling. He hangs out with the dudes of Ecstatic Sunshine in that Baltimore crowd.

He has a new album coming out this year on May 8 called Spiderman of the Rings. It's like Tamborello from Dntel decided to eat a bunch of crazy berries off the awesome bush. The lyrics make less sense than a meat loaf sandwich.

here's "Wham City" which is indeed long but worth the listen at least for the absurdly catchy middle part.

and here's Crystal Cat the closest thing to a dance track on the album.

gonna get my pants suit on?

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wannabehero said...

Joe T. here. I restarted my blogger account. You should periodically read it. And comment. And all that shit.