Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Criticals Metrics

Critical Metrics is a new website that I've been visiting. Check it out herre. You might as well add this to your bookmarks folder or sidebar on your blog because this shit is going to blow the fuck up (and if it doesn't I think there is something seriously wrong with the internet).

You'll figure it out as soon as you get there because the website design is impeccably um designed but I'll tell you what it does anyway. Essentially the site is a music review aggregator. They'll take small snips of articles from a bunch of important music websites (and unimportant ones [blender, eugghh]) that positively describe recent individual songs. One can listen to the songs themselves and put them on a playlist. So basically its like the hype machine except it doesn't completely remove all importance from the writing and actually supports the binary between positive and negative reviews (ew, I just used the word binary and was okay with it. it really has been a year since school ended) which is a good thing.

On another note everyone should check out the new Bright Eyes single (which I have embedded below, hee hee). And I'm serious about everyone because the single is fantastic, even if you're a naysayer from his past albums. Okay, maybe he is a teensy bit heavy handed, and okay maybe his voice is kinda shitty, and okay maybe he is really really really heavy handed sometimes. but goddamn the boy can write a song!

so check these bad boys out

Cassadaga - Four Winds

Lifted or the story is in the soil, so keep your ear to the groud - False Advertising

Lifted or the story is in the soil, so keep your ear to the groud - Lets Not Shit Ourselvs (To Love and be Loved)

I'm Wide Awake Its Morning - Poison Oak

I'm Wide Awake its Morning - At The Bottom Of Everything

Fevers And Mirrors - Something Vague


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