Friday, March 16, 2007

L. Diamond

The New Yorker called Becky Stark a "Less florid Tori Amos" Sure. I call her a cutie pie and so is her music. Actually sometimes its a little bit too cutie pie and sounds like an Eastertime marshmallow Peep that got burped out by a bunny on a Broadway stage.

here's more from the New Yorker "Her words and topics are neither obscure nor figurative: the heart, and love, are the main subjects of the upcoming Lavender Diamond album imagine our love..."

but she sounds like she's having such a darn good time, kind of like John K. Samson of the weakerthans always sounds like he's got a smile on his face and that makes me feel warm.

The real draw behind Lavender Diamond is that their music doesn't really fall into a category at all. I mean, its indie pop, but its not like you'd take this onto a dancefloor, unless you're as into prancing in flowy pastel dresses as I am.

Truly, though, everything about this music should make me angry and vomitous. If I wanted to listen to pretty acoustic sing-alongs I'd grow a Youth group leader goatee and work at a summer camp.

check out the best track on the EPhere

and here's one for all the stupid babies:

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