Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If you haven't already

seen the crayola commercial using Animal Collective's "Sweet Road" from Sung Tongs check it here

Avey Tare aparently responded to questions on the animal collective message board which I'm completely ripping from Shameless Complacency blog instead of the message board cause my pants are over-sodden with memberships to useless message boards anyway.


yes noah and i ok’d our song being in that commercial. They sent us a version so we could see it before hand and found it really funny and i checked up some on crayola just to make sure they werent that bad of a company which from the info i gathered seems like they are ok.

I wouldnt expect to be seeing our songs in too many other commercials. We are pretty careful about it. We turn down mostly everything (alot of beer commercials actually…always asking for sweet road…go figure) and dont feel the need to expose our music that way. This particualr instance seemed cool cause it invovled somthing for kids and somthing which had a big impact atleast on me when i was young, that being crayola markers and crayons.

cute guys. cute.

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