Monday, January 08, 2007

There's A Moon In The Sky

Long long long before VH-1 began mongering its over-the-counter pop criticism, long long before the same network began to air loose knit ski-lodge sweaters and shoulder-pad friendly music, long before the same crowd worked out to Barbarella Fonda: there was a band known as The B-52's.

And they did far more than write Love Shack for the same twits mentioned above. They were once a post-punk band, trolloping down the same post-modern, half-ironic trail as contemporaries Devo and sounding like the brain child of David Byrne and Andy Gill's younger, pre-war obsessed sister (if she lived in Athens, Georgia [and actually existed]).

I've been obsessed with their first album recently, with the surfadelia of Rock Lobster and the perfect slide fretting end riff of Theres a Moon In The Sky (And Its Called The Moon). This is the kind of stuff you're allowed to put on at solo cup parties where the chump kids of the twits play Sublime. Its okay because: "hey, aren't these the same dudes who did Love shack?" I rubber stamp that "pretty good".

Rock Lobster

There's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)

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