Monday, July 16, 2007


I can't believe there was ever a world, the geetar-exclusive world of my parents, where disco was lambasted for the color of it's skin. for it's keyboards. for the colorful-chessboard floors where knights and rooks tested their boogie-mettle, kings and queens of every color did coke off the pawns, bishops swung their index-fingered fist the only way they knew how: diagonally. Travolta-ly.


Well, our friends The Cansecos are making sure that disco is not merely en passant (ok, I recognize that my meticulous, self-parodying, metaphoric stilting has just now slipped and gutted itself on the knife blade that it walks daily, please forgive) and if you haven't already listened to the Juiced Remix sessions via P-fork or GVB then it's your serendipitous disco-day! for The Cansecos have remixed their September bound album and posted the resulting crotch-heat on their website. If the album is as good as this remix I smell a possible successor to The Avalanches classic "Since I Left You" in my party rotation. or at least an accomplice.

check it oot

The Cansecos - Side A

Side A is a jaunty frolic through some sampled Donna Summer and cascading strings.

The Cansecos - Side B

this 'uns a manly, synthy, bass bumpin side that likes to take it slow in bed but still has that hot disco man-musk emanating from the black curly bush on it's chest. damn, I just turned myself on.

Check out that fucking bassline at 15 minutes in and you'll sprout an extra pair of testicles by accident.

check out their older stuff on myspace and maybe buy their self titled album from 2002.

check mate.
(ugh, let the self flagellation commence.)

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